our manifesto

At the end of 2016 We started the Fro-Choice Feminist Frozen Yogurt Company because we *think* we are funny, we *know* we are weird and we were *pretty sure* we could combine our passion for art, humor and frozen dairy desserts while getting a little political, because, quite frankly 2016 was terrible, and to be honest the next four years aren't looking so hot. While we can't be certain that all the answers are at the bottom of waffle cone, we do believe that art and humor have the power to change lives...or at the very least, to start a conversation.

We created this website as place to show off our designs, but also to talk about issues that we care about. We're calling that section "Get Infromed" - we'll be building out that part of our site as we grow.

Oh, and we're giving 10% from each T-Shirt sale to Planned Parenthood.